Social Media Management

We’ve all known for awhile that social media is the best way to engage with your prospects and clientbase, but for many small and medium size businesses, the time to do it just gets in the way.

Prime Media Consulting will help you build and maintain the communication with your client base, and keep your online presence fresh with relevant content. We help establish trust and build relationships with potential buyers.

According to an New York Times article published in May 2016, American spend almost an hour on Facebook each day. Brands face increasing difficulty having their content seen on social media. Brands and companies need to humanize their social media marketing to differentiate them from their competition. Prime Media will set up your business profiles on leading websites like Facebook and Twitter.  We will then identify your target audience, create an integrated strategy to expand your reach and engage clients with your  business on social media.

Social Media Marketing takes time to produce quality and engaging content. Some of the services Prime Media Consulting will include on your social media platforms are a mixture of:

  • Photos
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Topics
  • Review Monitoring & Reporting
  • Call to Actions

If connecting with your current client base isn’t enough, we can provide the opportunity to target social media users to reach potential new customers. Social Media Marketing can be the most influential and effective way to build your brand. Regardless of your industry, your consumers are using social media on a daily basis. We can deliver that two-way conversation between the brand and consumer that most clients and business owners crave.

The benefits of working with Prime Media for Social Media Marketing and Management are to increase the awareness of your business and products, increase the web traffic to your social media accounts and website and generate more leads for your business. Additional benefits could be better rankings on major search engines, a higher reputation management score, and an overall increase on customer service to current and potential new clientele.

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